Welcome to iDiagnose, a next generation diagnostic tool for pathology.
iDiagnose is an electronic diagnostics program that helps health professionals to get to know the pathology(s) of the patiënt/cliënt.

iDiagnose is currently equipped with a large number of orthopedic pathologies and related literature. The system is linked to indicators for each patient / client his or her pathology is to be allocated. iDiagnose makes it easier for the searching professional to quickly and efficiently screen evidence based pathology data and consult it. The advantage of this system is that the search for evidence is easier and saves time. For a full view of the pathology, please look at the Records section.
Clinical research can help knowledge. Clinical trials provide namely a valid and reliable knowledge base. iDiagnose shall communicate this information to the user by the Records, Filter, Questionnaires and more.
Initiatives of people based on feel, experience and predict, will not be replaced, but supported by studies from the literature and articles that are available on Pubmed, Cochrane, Cinahl and Pedro. A professional regularly faces a patient/client where different pathologies are possible. It is the duty of the professional to use his professional experience and knowledge to diagnose the correct pathology.

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